Water Chestnut

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Binomial Name Eleocharis dulcis
Taxon Species
Description The Water Chestnut, or Chinese Water Chestnut, is a perennial grass-like sedge native to Asia, Australia, and islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans. The plant grows in marshy land and shallow water. Clumps of erect green stems grow above the water and the roots, or corms, dangle beneath them in the water. Corms are edible raw or cooked and are sweet with a crisp crunch. Water Chestnuts are not cold-hardy and need 7 frost-free months to produce ripe corms. Their ideal temperature range is 25-35° C.
Sun Requirements Full Sun
Growing Degree Days
Sowing Method Divide tubers
Spread (diameter) 90 centimeters
Row Spacing 0 centimeters
Height 90 centimeters