Van Zerden Garlic

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Tags Garlic
Binomial Name Allium sativum
Taxon Species
Description The garlic plant has a bulbous root separated into cloves and a tall stalk with branching leaves. The plant has two main subspecies: hard and soft neck. The choice between which subspecies to grow depends on latitude and at what point in the growing season you will be planting the crop: garlic can be day-length sensitive. Hard-neck garlic is usually grown in cooler climates and creates larger cloves. Soft-neck garlic is grown in warmer climates and produces smaller, tightly-packed cloves. Be sure to trim garlic scapes before they flower - this will focus the plant's energy into bulb growth, resulting in larger cloves and bulbs. Scapes have a fresh, light garlic flavor. They are delicious raw or cooked, and make a great pesto.
Green D'Anjou Pear
Green D'Anjou Pear
Sun Requirements Full Sun
Growing Degree Days
Sowing Method Direct seed large cloves
Spread (diameter) 10 centimeters
Row Spacing 10 centimeters
Height 13 centimeters