Scots potato

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Tags potato
Binomial Name
Description An old cultivar sent to Koanga Institute by a Scotsman who says it came Aotearoa New Zealand with his family from the homeland. It is pink-skinned and white-fleshed. An old cultivar sent to us by a Scotsman who says it came to this land with is family from the homeland. They are round with shallow eyes, pink-skinned, white-fleshed and has a delicious flavour and texture, tasty and mealy when boiled....... also This potato comes from Henry Harrington’s early life around Akaroa, as a descendant of the de Malmanche French settlers. It is a large rock-like potato with few but deep eyes and a light purple/ pink blush under the skin. It is a fluffy potato, so it is best boiled, or mashed, and has a good flavour.
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