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Binomial Name Diospyros kaki
Taxon Species
Description The Persimmon is a deciduous tree native to China that produces round to acorn-shaped orange fruit of the same name. Trees have a rounded growth habit and glossy dark green leaves that turn reddish-orange or gold in autumn and fall off before the fruit does. Persimmon trees are male or female. Female trees can self-pollinate, but will have higher yields if a male tree is nearby. Persimmons require winter temperatures above -17° C and benefit from pruning and thinning because mature trees can grow 300 pounds of fruit. Some persimmons are biennial, bearing fruit every other year. Out of the hundreds of cultivars, there are two main varieties: Fuyu and Hachiya. Fuyu are round, tomato-shaped, and not astringent. Their lack of tannins allows them to be eaten while hard. They have a crisp, sweet, crunchy flavor with hints of cinnamon. Darker, softer, more translucent Fuyus will have higher sugar contents. Hachiyas are acorn-shaped and very astringent due to high levels of tannins. They cannot be eaten until they are so soft their skin is translucent and their flesh is the consistency of pudding. Ripe Hachiyas are sweet with hints of mango and apricot. Unripe Hachiyas have a drying sensation on the mouth and taste like very green bananas. Hachiyas can be ripened off the tree. They are often used in baked goods or dried. Transplanted trees will begin to bear fruit within 6 years.
Sun Requirements Full Sun
Growing Degree Days
Sowing Method Transplant grafted sapling or direct seed indoors
Spread (diameter) 600 centimeters
Row Spacing 760 centimeters
Height 900 centimeters

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