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Binomial Name Pyrus
Taxon Genus
Description Pears are fruiting trees or shrubs in the Pyrus genus, in the family Rosaceae. There are approximately 3000 varieties worldwide, and they are commonly divided into two major groups: European and Asian. European Pears are wider at the bottom and taper at the top. Asian Pears are shaped more like apples, and have a different texture and flavor. Most pear species are deciduous, but some in southeast Asia are evergreen. Pears are generally cold-hardy, surviving winter temperatures between -25 to -40°C. In the spring, they produce white (and sometimes, yellow or pink) flowers with 5 petals. Like apples, pears are propagated by grafting the selected variety onto a rootstock. More growing information is available in individual pear species entries.
Hinds's Black Walnut
English Walnut
Goumi Berry
Sun Requirements Full Sun
Growing Degree Days
Sowing Method Transplant bare-root plant
Spread (diameter)
Row Spacing

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