Miner's Lettuce

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Binomial Name Claytonia perfoliata
Taxon Species
Description Miner's Lettuce is a fleshy, herbaceous annual plant native to North America's western mountain and coastal regions that are grown as a cold-hardy, moderately frost-tolerant salad green. The plant has multiple upright or spreading stems that grow from a central base. Leaves are heart-shaped and flowers are pink or white. Miner's Lettuce prefers cool, damp conditions and regrows quickly after harvest. Leaves become bitter and reddish in hot weather. It is eaten raw in salads or cooked like spinach, which it slightly resembles in taste. Salad green for winter salads. If you leave it to self-seed you’ll have it forever. A small plant with a fleshy fresh-tasting small leaf that we usually pick by leaf with scissors and add to salads and mesclun mixes. Sprinkle evenly over a strip of seed raising mix. Do not cover. Water gently, prick out at 2.5 cm diagonal spacings when first two leaves appear. Transplant into garden 3-4 weeks later at 15 cm diagonal spacings. Self-seeds very abundantly.
Sun Requirements Full Sun
Growing Degree Days
Sowing Method Direct seed outdoors, thin seedlings to 10cm apart
Spread (diameter)
Row Spacing 2 centimeters
Height 40 centimeters

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