Golden Delicious Apple

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Binomial Name Malus pumila
Taxon Species
Description Golden Delicious apples are a milder flavored apple cultivar with thin yellow skin and crispy, sweet, pale white flesh. They can be eaten fresh or baked. Blossoms are white or pink. Trees have a chilling requirement of 600-700 hours. Golden Delicious apples are self-pollinating, but can benefit from nearby trees with the same bloom period, and are great pollinators for apple trees that don't self-pollinate. Apples are propagated through grafting because seeds do not breed true. Semi-dwarf and dwarf sizes are available. Depending on the size chosen, the tree will bear fruit within 2-5 years of planting.
Sun Requirements Full Sun
Growing Degree Days
Sowing Method Transplant bare-root plant
Spread (diameter) 450 centimeters
Row Spacing 450 centimeters
Height 450 centimeters

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