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Binomial Name Solanum melongena
Taxon Species
Description Eggplants commonly are egg-shaped with glossy black skin, but can come in a variety of other shapes and colors. They can be white, yellow, and pale to deep purple. Some are as small as goose eggs. The 'Rosa Bianca' cultivar is squat and round, while Asian cultivars can be long and thin. Eggplant stems are often spiny and their flowers range from white to purple. Their flesh is generally white with a meaty texture and small seeds in the center. They are delicious grilled, roasted, in soups and stews, and breaded and fried.
bell pepper
bell pepper
Sun Requirements Full Sun
Growing Degree Days
Sowing Method Sow seeds indoors and transplant out, or plant nursery seedlings
Spread (diameter) 30 centimeters
Row Spacing 60 centimeters
Height 50 centimeters