Chatham Hollomby potato

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Binomial Name
Description Originally found growing wild on the Chatham Islands and sent to the Koanga Institute by Gail Williams of Mosgiel. She says this potato needs a long growing season ( like many other ancient lines) It is always the last to die down) Dig any sooner, and the crop is much smaller. The plant is easily as big as 1.5 m and doesn’t mind some shade. Keep this potato plant away from other potato plants as it tends to lean over and smother them. The flowers are white, and it produces berries. Super disease resistant and each plant produces 8-10 huge tubers. The flesh is white skin purple tends to be waxy, holds its shape when boiled. Taste is sweet. Good keeper in and out of the ground; withstands frosts of 5C to 7C no problem in the ground. [Info from Koanga Institute, used with permission]
Sun Requirements
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