Cape Gooseberry

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Binomial Name Physalis peruviana
Taxon Species
Description Cape Gooseberries, or Physalis, are a plant species in the genus Physalis and family Solanaceae. They have slightly velvety heart-shaped leaves and produce smooth bright yellow or orange berries wrapped in a papery husk or calyx. They are originally from Peru and are related to tomatillos and husk/ground cherries. Cape Gooseberries grow well without fertilizer and in sandy to poor soils, but they need to be protected from wind. The fruit is sweet with a mildly tart flavor, tastes a bit like pineapple, and can be eaten raw, made into jams, or baked into pies. Unripe fruits are poisonous, harvest when the husk has lost color and dried out.
Sun Requirements Full Sun
Growing Degree Days
Sowing Method Direct seed indoors, transplant seedlings outside after hardening off.
Spread (diameter) 100 centimeters
Row Spacing 50 centimeters
Height 90 centimeters

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