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Binomial Name Vaccinium myrtillus
Taxon Species
Description Bilberries are a species of perennial shrub with edible fruit very similar to blueberries. They grow wild throughout Europe, Asia, and Western North America. They have a long history of medicinal use in Europe, and their leaves are being researched for treatment of diabetes. They are eaten and cooked the same way as blueberries, but they have a stronger, more tart flavor. Their flesh is dark red, strongly fragrant, and will stain the hands, teeth, and tongue deep purple, whereas blueberries have white or translucent flesh and do not stain as much. Bilberries prefer a cooler climate and full sun. If growing in warmer zones, plant them in an area where they will have partial sun and afternoon shade. Plant at least two plants to allow for cross-pollination and use container-raised plants instead of bare-root stock: bilberries do not like to have their roots disturbed.
Sun Requirements Partial Sun
Growing Degree Days
Sowing Method Young plant
Spread (diameter)
Row Spacing

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