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Binomial Name Prunus armeniaca
Taxon Species
Description The apricot is a small fruiting tree in the genus Prunus (of which other stone fruits like peaches, plums and cherries are also members). It is a section of the Prunus (Plum) subgenus. The apricot tree has a dense, spreading canopy with white to pinkish flowers. It's fruit are yellow to orange, smaller than peaches, and have smooth or velvety skin. The apricot can tolerate winter temperatures down to −30 °C, making it slightly more cold-hardy than peach trees. However, it is susceptible to spring frosts killing the blooms because it tends to flower very early. Some varieties are self-pollinating, but all apricot trees benefit from a pollination partner with the same bloom time within 15 meters. Standard and dwarf rootstocks are available. Dwarf trees can grow to 3 meters, standard to 4.5 meters. Depending on the size chosen, the tree will bear fruit within 2-4 years of planting.
Sun Requirements Full Sun
Growing Degree Days
Sowing Method Transplant bare-root plant
Spread (diameter) 450 centimeters
Row Spacing 450 centimeters
Height 450 centimeters

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