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Binomial Name Amaranthus cruentus, Amaranthus hypochondriacus, Amaranthus caudatus, Amaranthus hybridus
Taxon Species
Description Amaranth is a tall annual herb with clusters of dark burgundy flowers grown for it's seeds and leaves. Young greens have a flavor similar to spinach, and seeds are high in protein like Quinoa. Amaranth seeds are often ground into flour and used as a grain alternative. The plant is heat and drought-resistant but lacks a high frost tolerance. Other members of the Amaranthus genus are used as ornamentals. Amaranthus retroflexus (commonly known as Pigweed) was cultivated by Native Americans for it's grain and is currently a widespread weed in North America.
Sun Requirements Full Sun
Growing Degree Days
Sowing Method Direct seed, thin seedlings to 15cm
Spread (diameter) 90 centimeters
Row Spacing 20 centimeters
Height 300 centimeters

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